The final and broad purpose of the Madeira HF Radar Project is to contribute to serve Madeira societal needs by providing reliable marine data and information, for a better understanding of marine systems, improving safety, enhancing the economy and protecting the environment.

Specific project goals include:

  • Evaluating and demonstrating the unique features, benefits and utility that SeaSonde HF Radar monitoring and added value applications can provide to the Madeira ocean community and society at large
  • Generating and providing an ocean data set that is useful to the Madeira R+D institutions and to other marine related industries

Project targets are:

  • The deployment of two SeaSonde HF Radar stations in Madeira and one Central Data Management Platform.
  • System operation and open data delivery for a temporal period (data will be open, nevertheless data inquiries shall be directed to O.O.M.)
  • Evaluation of benefits resulting from the use of SeaSonde HF Radar currents data for oceanographic studies and numerical model validation in the area
  • Evaluation of benefits to local industries resulting from the use of SeaSonde HF Radar data, specifically offshore renewables and fish farming.

The installed system consists on several components, which start from the installed radars to the data management platform. We strongly believe that the efficient data difusion and integration are of upmost importance so that monitoring systems are in fact useful for the society. Thus, the implemented system includes a data management platform, presented above.

Click on the image to Download SeaSonde and PORTUS Technical Specifications Sheet